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Earn Double Points with Blue Bunny Gelato and Brand Points PLUS

This delicious Italian experience just got sweeter — Gelato is now available in 4.5 quart pails!
Blue Bunny 4.5 quart Gelato is available in three classic flavors:

A dish of Blue Bunny Gelato flavors

•    Vanilla Bella™

•    Cocolato™

•    Pistachio 

Blue Bunny 4.5 quart pail of Gelato

Light, rich and velvety smooth, Gelato is ice cream’s Italian side-kick. With a blend of milk, sugar and other flavorings, this treat is going to satisfy your customers’ cravings — making them say, “Grazie!”

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Try these ideas for serving the perfect Gelato experience:

  • Blend textures and flavors to create a custom Gelato treat
  • Scoop Gelato alongside or atop an elegant dessert
  • Serve traditionally in a scooped trio; also try serving in a martini glass, for an extra flair

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Interested in a FREE sample of Blue Bunny Gelato? Contact your local distributor or call Blue Bunny Customer Care at 1-800-807-8221. Want to receive additional information? Click here.

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Brand Points PLUS Double Points

To earn your DOUBLE POINTS, simply:

1. Purchase Blue Bunny 4.5 quart Gelato between July 1, 2008 and September 30, 2008.

2. Log in to and click on the “Submit Points” tab to enter your qualifying purchases.

3. After submitting your points, mail qualifying distributor invoices to:

Brand Points PLUS
P.O. Box 615
Becker, MN 55308-0615

4. Redeem your points for FREE valuable rewards! Shop online at, or contact Brand Points PLUS at 1-877-212-4277 or

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